As I always say, there’s really no truly free way to make money online, because you still always have startup costs. But once you get past your startup costs, you do have free online marketing methods that you can use that will greatly help, and you can either spend no money or very little money.

Blogging is another, where you just set up your own web blog. You can also do that for free. Sites like will allow you to set up your own blog, and you can post messages there and get those submitted to directories and indexed by major search engines. SEO-ing your site, which is basically search engine optimization. You can do this on your own for free.

Write your pet classified: it is good to understand that most classified are limited in length. However for pets classified you are required to write 100 words or less. You will also need to make your ads not too long to avoid your viewers getting tired when checking your services. This is very important to note because longer ads may be skipped.

This can happen very easily. There are lots of temptations in this industry in the form of marketing aids, such as Pay Per Click, buying lists, advertising, etc. Remember: Baby steps; you don’t go big on advertising in the beginning. Build up some capital first by using the multitude of free marketing aids on the internet, such as, articles, blogs and social networking.

This is just a fancy word for some one that sales something for a percentage of the revenue. This is actually a very good way to make money on the internet lot’s of people do this and do this well. However a new person with no experience to draw from could end up broke in a hurry from paying advertising fee’s. You cam always find one of them adds that will give you a free website and set it up free with products.

Traffic Exchange Sites – This is a great place to start getting targeted traffic to your site. Traffic exchange sites are sites that you can sign up with and get your websites seen by potential customers for free. All that is required of you is that you view other sites. Viewing other people sites earns your sites views, so in other words, the more sites you view the more your sites get viewed by others.

These days, you can easily come across free classified online sites which allow you to sign up and post your ad for free. Remember to use keywords for all your ads and also post them in relevant categories. Otherwise, you will get unwanted traffic. Example, you have created an ad and instead of posting the ad in the business section, you have posted it in the pets section. In such a case, you will not be able to make any sales.

This technique is similar to PLR. Instead of taking generic products and changing them to create your own, you’re changing a previously created product into one you own.

After the would be marketer has joined their affiliate program how do they promote it? Promoting something requires exposure for the product or service. Long term exposure is created by having your own website and blog. A simple search on the Internet will provide you with these two tools and just to cut back on time on your sake use 110mb and weebly. 110mb is free web hosting and weebly is free blog hosting. You could use blogger or some other already setup service but this is just for practice and learning the ropes. They are both free and easy to setup once you visit their sites.

Once you have used all the techniques in this article there are still more techniques to use to be a successful affiliate marketer. This should at least get someone started enough to feel confident to start paying for the services needed to give a professional appearance. You can learn more by visiting my blog and see how to use certain techniques as I learn from more research.

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